Usually focusing just on luxury for the future is dumb in regards to electric car. Electric car is developed in terms of comfort and luxury but every time the technology slow down on the way of getting progress on the car distance range. Well some solution is on the way to unlock the future of car mileage.

Recently 24M Unveils ‘Dual Electrolyte’ Battery Tech to Unlock Higher Energy Density batteries. EV batteries require higher energy density to power longer driving ranges. Recent electric has the Model S Long Range has an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) range of 370 miles (592 km) with a battery energy density of 247 Wh/kg with li-ion battery.

New technology that has arrived just in 2019 can produce a battery energy density of 350 Wh/kg of power according to the news published on 24m tech news. Energy density of 350 Wh/kg can deliver a car around a mile range of 523 mi (838 km). 24M says it has also supplied battery cells with an energy density of 280 watt-hours per kilogram to an industrial partner and technology with 350 Wh/kg still needs to be improved and try to make it commercialized till 2020 end.

Executive Feldt said “The dual electrolyte can already deliver 350 watt-hours per kilogram, but it is still not practiced except the lab”.


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